Lifestyle, confidence & mindset coaching for women who are ready to live their best life!

If you are ready to prioritise yourself, stop with the excuses and the self-sabotage and you are ready to live in harmony and alignment - then you are in the right place! 

Welcome to Claim Your Lifestyle, a space to remind busy professionals that their jobs are what they do, not who they are. Here you’ll find the tools to support you to create and live a life by design, not by default.

This space is for you if:

  • You’re overwhelmed and burnt out from the endless pressures and responsibilities of your career and want to find time to look after your own health and well-being.
  • You feel stuck on the career conveyor belt, climbing a ladder that just isn’t making you happy. But the thought of making a change terrifies you. What will others think and what if you don’t succeed?
  • You have lots of interests, an entrepreneurial spirit or other creative projects outside of your busy job
  • You want to meet like-minded individuals
  • You want to learn to be more productive so you can spend more time doing the things you love
  • You tend to self-sabotage and get in your own way
  • You have lots of dreams and aspirations but lack clarity and do not know where to get started
  • You want to feel in charge of your happiness

Hi, I’m Dr Laureen Jacquet, a GP in training and a lifestyle coach. I hope this space can feel like home to you. Somewhere safe for you to explore your dreams, ambitions and passions. A space where you can be more than your profession.


Dr Laureen Jacquet

I’ve made it my mission to empower women with the tools and energy to create a life they love alongside their profession. I’ve turned this desire to create the life I deserve alongside being a doctor into a coaching system so you can also create that harmony to thrive at home and at work.

With the right tools, it is possible for you to create a life you love, like really really love without the busyness of your job or other people’s opinions stopping you from having that.

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Together we’ll make a plan that will see you feeling calmer, clearer and much more in control of your life and career again.


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"I got so much from it and felt pumped for the whole day!! As women, I think we can be quick to put ourselves down and only focus on the negative but you really helped me to see and celebrate how far I've come and have encouraged me to think big!! I love the homework you gave me and I already feel excited to start taking charge of my free time. Thank you so much!”

Dr Sarah N. ED SHO

“Laureen has been a great coach, we spoke about things that have been holding me back especially around self-sabotaging. Laureen was able to hold space for me and ask the questions that allowed me to think deeper”

Tahera K, social worker

Laureen is a wonderful life coach. She gave me some excellent tools and strategies to manage my time and I have come away with a much greater understanding of time management and productivity. Most valuable takeaway:  To plan out exactly when to work on my tasks, work out what could stop me from working on them, to decide what my upper and lower limit is and to reward myself for completing them.  

Dr Henrietta C, GP Trainee

I have been working with Laureen for almost two months and I am very inspired to write feedback about her and her coaching sessions. A person like me who thinks knows everything and has answers to all questions of life or work, she so easily convinced me otherwise that I will definitely say - YES, almost everyone needs a coach, like Laureen, everyone needs a safe space to a deep and meaningful journey towards self-discovery. Laureen provided a surprisingly comfortable safe space. She was very delicate in her open-ended questions and has contributed to my transformation. Through her coaching sessions, I have developed a sustainable mechanism to view problems as opportunities and my self-awareness has grown significantly and I have become a better problem solver. I started looking at things with different eyes. I definitely miss Laureen’s training sessions and I will always regret not having done this before.

Valeri K, Head Of Support at International Committee of the Red Cross

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Laureen and would highly recommend her coaching if you are ready to make changes to your lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start. Laureen’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me reset, refocus and establish a new and successful routine. Laureen is kind, inquisitive and her passion for coaching really shines through. Laureen has enabled me to reassess how I approach organisation, and opened my eyes to the power of planning and celebrating when things go well. I feel equipped with new skills to make lasting changes to my future personal development and career. Thank you Laureen for your continued encouragement and support.

Dr Clare, O&G consultant

Wow, where do I begin? Since having sessions with Laureen my life has changed significantly! She is an excellent coach who has given me such amazing tools that have helped me to approach and manage my work/life balance so efficiently. I am so grateful that I have a coach that knows EXACTLY what I’m going through as she is a full-time medic herself. Our sessions are not only productive but so much fun, as Laureen has an infectious energy that makes you excited to go for your dreams!

Dr Ibuchi C. Medical SHO


Nov 21 2022

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